Choose the infrastructure that works relentlessly

DooxCloud is a name of quality and reliability. We work to ensure that all our servers are performing to the fullest. The components are highly advanced and we ensure that all the machines are developed within 120 seconds. No matter what your business is we ensure that you get top-notch service with our servers. From website hosting to the full deployment of the infrastructure we are here to help you out with your tech-related queries.

What makes DooxCloud Servers Unique?

High-end Performance

This is one of the main reasons that our servers are highly demanded. With the next-generation components, we ensure that you get state-of-the-art tech services that are never interrupted.


We have 30 data centers all over the world. On the other hand, we make sure that you get the best services within 120 seconds. Our servers and backend team ensure that your customers get uninterrupted hours of service that enhance their experience.


The interconnectivity ensures that you get the best services when it comes to DooxCloud. The best thing is that not only all the apps are interconnected but you run your business apps with full control and comfort that all your customers are getting the best out of your business.


This is the point that surpasses all the other companies. The innovative and highly advanced solutions make sure that your business runs at full capacity and there is no downtime whatsoever. We also protect your business from cyber-attacks and ensure full coverage.

What Else Do We Offer?

Unlimited Traffic

All incoming and outgoing traffic is simply unlimited. The 500 Mbit/s bandwidth is provided to make sure that there is no downtime. The best thing is that the bandwidth can also be increased if required. Adjustments are also done to handle occasional peak traffic whatsoever.

High Number of Installations

This is another important aspect. The DooxCloud control panel can also be used to install any number of operating systems that you deem appropriate. These OS include Windows Server, Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. Other services also include Plesk and CPanel management interfaces, SQL servers for databases, and virtual solutions like CoreOS and Windows Hyper V.

DDoS Protection

This has also been embedded with the virtual servers that we offer. It ensures that in event of an attack your customers and business get uninterrupted services. It also ensures that you get the protection as it has been never before.

Round the Clock Assistance

Our technical staff is always there to make sure that the best customer support is provided. With the best technical support at hand, you are sure to get the best for your business, It is one of the many advantages that you will enjoy if the servers are rented from DooxCloud. Our installation guides are handy and readily available. We are here to chat with you, answer your calls and emails. Our help center is also dedicated to making sure that you get the best tutorials to set up your servers.

What is DooxCloud all about?

  • Why Dedicated Servers?

    Bare Metal is a technology that is being used to make sure that the dedicated servers are offered via cloud storage. In technical terms, the dedicated server is the one where all the computing power is available for the user. Unlike the virtual servers where only a part of the total components is offered to the user dedicated servers as the name suggests are all dedicated. The physical availability of all the resources is something different than the standard solutions which the virtual platforms offer.
  • How to Choose the Dedicated Server?

    DooxCloud always focuses on the dedicated servers that are to be used professionally. It all depends on your business usage. You might need bigger RAM and large storage for your applications. As we offer a wide range of cloud services we ensure that you get to choose the one that requires no additional installations. From bandwidth capacity to the overall management of the associated services it is DooxCloud that stands out. You get the DDoS protection for online gaming and speed as high as 10 Gbit/s to connect the servers with the dedicated infrastructure. We also offer hardware RAID so on the whole it becomes easy for you to choose the server that matches your need.
  • Cloud, shared hosting, or dedicated server?

    2 factors make dedicated servers a lot better choice as compared to the other types. The first thing is that no virtualization is done to consume the resources. It means that you get to use the full resources whatsoever. The server administration is the second thing that stands out. It means that you get to choose the full configuration setup and the data that is hosted on it. The more advanced type of installation is done with ease and perfection just to make sure that all the business applications run successfully. In short, the dedicated servers provide you with complete freedom whatsoever. It also ensures that you get the best management of all the resources. If you don’t want to get into the server management issues at all then DooxCloud is the solution that has everything set up for you beforehand. Take a look at our shared hosting that is done all by DooxCloud. In this way, you don’t get into tricky technical information at all.
  • Dedicated Server vs. Managed Bare Metal

    The data center is always used to make sure that the dedicated servers are installed or stored. It is a completely dedicated system that is for a single user. The server can easily be installed and managed by a single user and it is for the same purpose. The performance is always high and the workload is managed and distributed equally to all the components. Managed bare metal is something that is also a dedicated service and it is developed to make sure that professionals take full leverage. To be precise it is the combination of the dedicated server with the visualization. DooxCloud works on such servers so you don’t need to be tech-savvy at all to work on such servers. From updates to configuration everything is done by DooxCloud.
  • Use of such dedicated servers

    Different services can be used if you install or use the dedicated servers. It includes big data, machine learning, website hosting, cloud servers, and business applications such as ERP and CRM. There are different server ranges that DooxCloud offers and the dedicated team in this regard are always at your disposal. Whatever the set of your needs is we are here to make sure that you get end-to-end solutions with complete command and authority.

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