Privacy in the Cloud

The resources that DooxCloud has can be used to develop your business. It also makes sure that the private data that you have is secured 100%. The uptime is 99% which makes the data readily available in case you want to retrieve it. The DooxCloud team makes sure that all such infrastructures are managed by themselves and the users don’t have to get into technical details at all. It will also allow you to get focus on core business. The VMware as well as the Intel-powered hardware makes the process a lot easier than other services on the market.



VMware like never before

No matter which infrastructure you have been using the DooxCloud will match your needs with perfection. The infrastructures such as vSphere, vCenter, NSX, and vROps are fully supported on all server platforms. The best part is that the OS support also has a wide range whatsoever. The SDDC or Software-Defined Data Center protocols are also used to make sure that you get the best outcome with ease and perfection.


Advanced Hardware Infrastructure

For a very competitive price, you get to use the hardware resources that are spanned over 4 continents. The hardware can also be changed as per the demand of yours and it also means that you get the best and the most dedicated services among all the companies.

Data Isolation

The inbound data amount makes sure that how many servers are to be used for the data isolation. The infrastructure that has been built in this regard is the one that is highly redundant and available with data that is available on all the host clusters.

The private cloud makes sure that the highly advanced hardware will make sure that your business is taken to next level with the scalable infrastructure. The VMware that DooxCloud uses is a completely managed in-house that will make sure that you get the best and the most dedicated services without hassle. The VSphere interface can be used to create limitless virtual machines.

What does the Pack Includes?

 It includes 2 hosts and the 2 data centers where your data is distributed. All the elements are dedicated and these also include a very high level of security. Come on our network today within one hour of delivery.

Pillars on which SDDC Stands

Software-based computing

With all the elements that are dedicated with VSphere enterprise plus license so that you get 100% flexibility to manage the machines entirely

Software-based storage

All the hardware is state of the art and it also allows you to natively integrate the vSAN and hypervisor. The performance is peaked with minimal latency.

Software-based network

The NSX is integrated with a firewall, a load balancer, and security to make sure that VSphere is fully used to deploy all the resources with perfection.

Auto Resource Replacement

If there is an incident with one of the hardware machines you don’t need to contact us. The servers are replaced within an hour and you also get auto rebooting of your machines. With VMware and HA feature included your infrastructure is highly available 24/7.

Resource on Demand

The resources can be added removed and configured anytime you want. In event of new hosting that you need to deploy you also get more hardware. All the resources are preconfigured and readily available. The billing is done either daily or monthly depending on the plan of your choice.

What are VCenter and VSphere?

With DooxCloud hosting private cloud solution order you can access the VSphere hypervisor an hour later. This interface is used to create VMs that suit your needs, projects, workloads, and the list goes on. The best part is that there are no predefined machines and you can configure exactly what you need. For each VM configuration, you get VRAM, VCPU, and network rules of your choice.

Everlasting Trust

VMware is the backbone of the deployment and our partnership with it makes sure that you get the best and the most advanced technologies such as virtualization, VSphere, NSX defined software technologies and VSAN. You also get to choose an advanced management solution VRealize operation to manage your VM and infrastructure.

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