Backup Storage embedded with the Dedicated Servers

What does Backup Storage means?

With DooxCloud you get 500GB of free storage that can be used to store important data and configuration files. It can also be used to keep the files that are used to reinstall the servers if required. The FTP protocols are used to transfer the data. The backup is there on the local server and it also allows you to change the files like it is on the local hard drive. There are simple scripts made to push the data to the backup and it also saves time and cost for the user.

What’s the difference between Backup Storage and Server?

Backup storage is an option where you get free storage like 500GB with the DooxCloud and it can easily be increased to 10TB. There are file transfer protocols such as FTP, FTPS, NFS, and CIFS. The best thing is that you get the administration that is entirely managed by DooxCloud. It also ensures that our IP addresses are very limited and it can be server IP or floating IP for additional security.

The backup server is something that will make sure that you get the server that is entirely managed by yourself. It is also important for you to be tech-savvy if you want to manage it by yourself. The data can be accessed with the DooxCloud private network that will make sure that the centralized from several servers and several centers. The customization will also add some features like regular backup and additional bandwidth. You can also access the data to configure it as required to match your needs. The best thing is that you can also decide where and how to access the data.

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