Veeam Managed Backup


Backup as a solution service by DooxCloud

Backup is one of the most important aspects of cloud technology and it is because the data is more precious than infrastructure. DooxCloud offers a managed backup solution that is Veeam backup and replication technology-based. If the auto backup is enabled you can easily get the data restored as and when required.

Backup as a Service

These backups are fully automated and monitored by DooxCloud. You can restore the machine anytime you want.

Storage included

The admin link provided can be used to make sure that the data is accessed anytime you want with just a few clicks.


You get a system-generated report detailing your backups and their statuses every day.

How does the setup work?

No available space-related issue

The DooxCloud VM server of your choice is used to make sure that your backup is transferred is taken from there. The VLAN within your infrastructure then transfers the data to the repository configured in RAID. This is fully managed by the DooxCloud team and this additional space ensures that you get more space on the infrastructure.

VM Machine Requirements

Windows OS is the main source that has to be used to set up the Veeam. It is this OS that will make sure that you get the setup of the virtual machine. If the license has been purchased from DooxCloud then the cost is not additional and it is included in the plan. In case this license has not been purchased then extra cost will incur. Use the VSphere to make sure that the HA and DRS services are enabled. The DRS affinity rules that have been defined while enabling it will apply.

Backup that is easy to retrieve

If the volume is greater than 2TB DooxCloud does not take the responsibility to secure the backup. This only happens if a vast number of VMs are created. In case there is more than 15 VMs then-new proxy backup must be initiated. It will then successfully take all the backups.

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