Managed Virtual Desktop Solutions

VDI is one of the best solutions and it ensures that you control any machine from any web browser and integrate business-related applications and meet the regulatory standards.


Pros of VDI

Complete user management i.e. the data that is being used and the activities that are being performed.

The highly viable desktop environment.

The linked clones can be updated with the patches and updates are readily available

VDI with Horizon

If you are a small to mid-sized organization then it is almost impossible to cope up with the administrative and installation costs. The up-to-data hardware is another issue. With DooxCloud it is easy for you to get enterprise-grade infrastructure for your website or users in particular. There are no setup costs and all will be done by our experienced team.

DooxCloud will make sure that you get the best and the most advanced infrastructure with the Linux and windows security patches. The add-on services like backup and IT operations management. The VDI will be fully customized with the right RAM, CPU, and storage for use

VM based Horizon Features

The VMware horizon can be deployed by DooxCloud and it can be done to make sure that your virtual desktop investment is never lost. With the 24/7 support included you can get the best and the most out of your hybrid environment. The VDI is something that has changed the way user manages the machine and we leave the competitors far behind that leave it to do all by you.

VMware Desktop Features

Virtualized storage with a cloud-based desktop to support your infrastructure

Web portal that allows you to manage your infrastructure from anywhere without hassle

The sessions of the desktops are all windows and Linux-based.

Packaged application

Multiple users at the same time

Workspaces that are highly integrated into each other

Desktop pool management allowing administrators to group users and deploy different standard versions of desktops easily

Virtual printing to share printers across the globe

View connection server connection broker and management component

Digitalize the way you work

It is not just the Microsoft 365 redefined or virtualization that only covers the frontend. With this holistic approach, you get to leverage the latest technology and also ensure that you get the output that will foster the business approach and will make everything operational and faster. It also offers:

Enterprise Mobility Like never before

For the years to come and due to COVID you cannot compromise your business and your employees must get to use the systems and the application on the move if they are registered on the network.

On the other hand, data security is something that cannot be compromised at all. It is for the same reason that you must ensure that your infrastructure ensures compliance. The sensitive data is to be protected at all costs. The access controls are all stronger and ensure that you keep a watch as to what is happening within the network.

Information security

Whether it is the internal requirement or the industry-standard make sure that the policies that are implemented are the ones that are completely in line with the regulations. Whether it is the cryptography or Microsoft Modern Workplace and Azure cloud security the related solutions make sure that you get the best out of the security policy that you implement. Isolate, alert, and secure your systems across end-user devices, cloud resources, and on-premises data centers.

Business Applications

It is a fact that a workspace is not complete without MS Office, spreadsheets, and emails that are considered to be integral parts. With the modern workspace, you get the facilities such as digital voice calling and video chat whenever required. To keep your business moving these are the features that are integral and make sure that the deliverables are highly targeted and you get the best outcome that is much fast as compared to the traditional systems and workflows.

Collaboration is taken to the next level

Microsoft is taking things to the level that is simply unbeatable and it is all because of the work that is being done in the field of virtualization. The collaboration or the communication that is done with the help of MS technologies is simply matchless. The SharePoint is being used to make sure that the collaboration is safe, secure, and at the same time accessible as well. The collaboration that can be done with Microsoft 365 is simply mindboggling. From document management to sharing and from working together to the overall management of the infrastructure everything is well planned and well managed by the IT teams.

Cloud Enablement

None of this would be possible without a strong cloud platform as the base, enabling centralized management of identity, security, subscriptions, and of course cloud storage. With One Drive, SharePoint, and Azure cloud storage you can easily store, organize, and secure vast amounts of structured and unstructured data, making it easy for your workforce to access the information they need when they need it.

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