Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

  • ● Outclass performance and cutting-edge prices with developed technology.
  • ● Simple and customization are easy to systems are scalable.
  • ● Unlimited traffic and 2 Gbit/s bandwidth.

Change in Computing Power or Scalability

The DooxCloud panel is one of the best components that can be used to scale up the business. Resource provisioning is something that is not required and you can add what you need along the way. It also means that you manage your budget in the best possible manner.

Performance Enhancement

You get the optimal performance with the DooxCloud servers. All the Intel accessories are the ones that are installed along with the SSD storage, and the infrastructure is highly advanced with the next-generation architecture.

Dedicated Environment

The hardware resources can be used to make sure that the websites are hosted. The virtual servers are also dedicated and this is for the same reason you get full access. The VPS range of DooxCloud is the best from every aspect and can also be scaled to match your needs.

No Constraints

Many hardware components have been installed to make sure that you get full control over the work that is being done. The OS has been preinstalled to make sure that you get to choose the best that matches your app-related needs.

Boundless Traffic

You can now host applications that require high bandwidths. With the bandwidth of 2 Gbit/s, you get the speed that is required to match the needs of your business. On the other hand, your customers get the browsing experience like never before. Above all, you get all this at no extra cost.

Backup Options

The VPS servers are embedded with the backup options that will allow you to get the important data stored in event of any misadventure. There is a snapshot option to fully backup your virtual server with just a few clicks.


Our uptime is greater than all our counterparts. It is for the same reason that your customers get to access the different resources with care and perfection. There is minimum to no latency in services and on the other hand it will also make sure that your customers are never left stranded.

VMware virtualization by DooxCloud

It is a platform that is fully managed by DooxCloud and it makes sure that you get the best and the most reliable services in just 90 minutes. This is how long a virtual server setup takes. It is by far the best solution that is available for your business to get right on track.

A platform setup that is as easy as a click

The managed bare metal essential is to be launched and from there you can set up a fully integrated setup that is VMware based. The deployment of different mechanisms for the working of websites and applications is too easy to set up. DooxCloud ensures that once the setup is up and running it remains that way.

Availability like never before

If your applications need high-performance hardware then don’t worry at all. We are here to help you out in this regard. Our SLA is 99.7% which is the highest for any dedicated server service provider. Your business applications will not get any better hardware than DooxCloud provides. With preconfigured hardware, you get the services that are on the next level.

Why is managed bare metal different?

Matchless performance

The price-performance ratio of the bare metal servers is awesome and it is all because of the high bandwidth and servers that are high performing. You can host applications that require high-grade hardware.

Limitless scalability

The best thing is that you can easily customize the hardware and increase the scalability with DooxCloud. There are 2 stores and 2 data stores that come by default. You can easily add and delete resources with ease and perfection. You can also change the resources on a daily and hourly basis.

Virtualization, like never before

The features are well defined and the templates have also been made to ensure that the deployment is easy and straightforward. From the OS deployment to the customization of hardware DooxCloud has it all.


The VMware, storage, network, and bandwidth are all included within the packs that have been prepared by DooxCloud. It simply ensures that you get the best hardware and reduced costs as compared to if these services were purchased separately.

High-Performance Network

The network provides you with 3Gbits/sec of bandwidth. The data transfer within the platform and then to the clients via the internet has never been as easy as it is with this network. The inbound and outbound traffic is unlimited and is also included.

ISO Certified Datacenters

The bare metal is available all over the world and this is done by distribution of data centers effectively. All the centers are ISO 27001 certified as well as SOC I and II type 2.

Keeping your Administrative Data safe and secure

With the dedicated server, you get 500GB of storage free. You can use this space to make sure that you never keep any data on the main server. The best thing is that it is all managed by DooxCloud. The storage can also be increased to 10TB if required.

Value for your money

The value that DooxCloud provides is matchless. No matter how extensive and complex your requirements are we are here to help you out. There is no need to be technical savvy at all. It also means that you get to control the technical costs completely.

Ease of use

The protocols supported by DooxCloud are FTP, FTPS, NFS, and CIFS. You get all the access to the data with just a few simple steps. You can just log in with the protocol of your choice and enjoy the data that has been stored in 500GB of storage which is again free of cost.

Security, like never before

The backup can only be accessed with the highly secure data portal that DooxCloud provides. The security has been embedded into all the protocols that are storage-related. Use DooxCloud and this is the best that you have on the market.

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